6-pc Conductive Gel

6-pc Conductive Gel

6-pc Conductive Gel

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6-pc Conductive Gel


Conductive gel is crucial for doctors, nurses, sonogram techs or athletes that use abs stimulators. It is important to use a good conducting gel because it is often placed on the upper dermis, which basically dead skin. To get through them, a good conductor is necessary.

The importance of a good quality electrode gel

In order for electrodes to function properly, the pads need to stay wet or humid. That is where our gel comes into play. The electrode pads tend to dry out or get dirty with skin oils, fat, dander and dirt but using our premium gel will type your electrodes for your abs stimulator, working much longer.

When using an ab stimulator, EMS or TENS device it is very important that the electrodes adhere to your skin that is why a good-quality conductive gel should be used. If the electrodes aren't properly applied to the skin by using gel, they can cause burns, electric shocks and skin irritation. But also the adhesive gel helps the electrodes to give your muscles the most efficient muscle contractions.

Conductive adhesive gel that will stick

Our conductive gel is extremely useful when applying cathodes to record electrical action on the surface of your skin such as the Abdominal Stimulator. It is ideal to be used with abdominal gel pads to contact the electrodes to your skin. Our Gymnic Conductive Gel comes in a package of 6 easy to use tubes. This gel is made with premium ingredients and is highly conductive. Plus, it is fragrance free and hypoallergenic and can be used with ab toning belts, EMS and TENS devices.


  • Water soluble and can easily be removed with water
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, doesn't cause irritation. Contains no toxic ingredients
  • Excellent conductivity


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